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All Orthey autoharps (Dulci-Harps™) are made of the finest woods and incorporate a laminated maple pin block. They can be customized with select wood, body type and chord bar selection and arrangement. Hand-crafted and individually fitted to each instrument, Orthey chord bars are the quietest, smoothest, and fastest to be found today.

All Orthey autoharps are full chromatic instruments.


A partial list of today's Dulci-Harp™ owners:

Bryan Bowers, Tina Louise Barr, Jon ten Broek, Bill Bryant*, Dick Boak, Cathy Britell*, Anita Carter, Carlene Carter, Janette Carter, Joe Carter, June Carter Cash, Helen Carter, John and Heidi Cerrigione, Bill Clifton, Julie Davis, Wanda Degan, Carey Dubbert**, Mark Fackeldey*, Mike Fenton*, Win Horner Grace, Les Gustafson Zook*, Lindsay Haisley, Mike Herr* **, Lucille Reilly* **, John Hollandsworth**, John Hook, Taeko Ikegaya (Japan), Dale Carter Jett, Rhoda Kemp, Meryle Korn, Bob Lewis* **, Little Roy Lewis, Kate Long, Lizzy Long, Alan Mager* **, June Maugery ** (France), Walt Michael, Yasuo Mita (Japan), Alan Mortimore, Karen Mueller*, Ann Norris*, Judie Pagter, Ben Olander (Sweden), Carole Outwater**, Bonnie Phipps*, Lucille Reilly* **, Joe Riggs, Stewart Schneider, John Sebastian, Laurie Sky, Sharon Skaryd, Mike Seeger, Peggy Seeger, Drew Smith* **, Bill Stewart Family, Jim Snow**, Ivan Stiles*, Carol Stober, Patsy Stoneman, Mary Umbarger, Alex Usher, Betty Waldron, Doc Watson, Donnie Weaver, Rev. Doelf Weder (Switzerland), Teresa Williams, Steve Young*, Martin Zak (Csech Rep.) and over 1200 more!
(*Winfield Champion; **Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering™ Champion)


Yes, Orthey Instruments is still making harps! Usual delivery time is 2 months or less. See page footer for contact information.

George's email adress is , but remember the faithful pony express, i.e. US Postal Service is always received and always gets a response!


Descriptions and prices of Dulci-Harps

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